Located on Augusta Street - one of Hamilton's most eclectic streets for dining and drinks - in Hamilton's Durand District just off James St. S.

The Augusta House is a wonderful experience for all types, locals and visitors alike. Established in 2010, our restaurant has gone through many changes over the years yet through them all our motto has endured; to offer an enjoyable atmosphere, tantalizing food options and refreshments aimed to please all.

Supplying recognizable brands, fresh menus twice yearly, and entertaining events both on and off site have kept our family of patrons passing through our door today and for years to come. Our dedication to quality ingredients and high level service keeps us on our toes to ensure the best possible experience for our guests. Specializing in what we like to call a continental fusion , our chef takes some of your favorite classic dishes and puts a modern twist on them so that you might learn to enjoy them all over again. Live music every Friday and Saturday night, golf tournaments, tasting events, and impromptu celebrations keep the fun times rolling throughout the year.

Whether you're looking for a cozy spot during the cool months, or a seat on a sunny patio in the warm ones, The Augusta House has exactly what you're looking for!